Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The "Big Boy Preschooler"....

Okay before you look at all of these pictures, I will admit, I got extremely carried away.  You would think the kid was having his senior year photos or something. Maybe I was procrastinating taking him to school. Anyway, he played along and like any proud mother, I just couldn't pick one! Collin had a great day at school. He has told us for two weeks that he was going to be very sad on his first day of school. I was apprehensive because of that for him being that he has never really spent any significant time away from me and if he has his big brother has been with him. This morning, while we were driving Ben to school he asked me, "Hey mom, since it is my special day can you take me to Starbucks before school so that I can get a kids hot chocolate?" He is SO my child!! I told him that we did not have time this morning(because of the extensive photo shoot festivities) but that if he would be brave today and not cry and have a good day and a great report that I would take him to Starbucks tomorrow morning for a kids hot chocolate.  He said okay. And as the day would have it, to my surprise, he held up his end of the bargain, so tomorrow we will be toasting our cups at Starbucks in his honor.
A little unsure at first...
But he's a big boy now...SO big!
Very excited to go to school!
So innocent....
Very funny...
Surprisingly ornery...
A little shy....
And there he was, my baby boy growing away from my grasp, into such a big boy...
I did not cry, I'm not the type that generally does about these things, but I was proud of him for being so brave! It brings me such joy to see these boys succeed in being independent and happy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The AWESOMENESS of THE BOY Kindergartener

I have to admit, I was concerned that Ben would be nervous for his first day of kindergarten. If he had been nervous, I would have been too! But it was the exact opposite. He thought he was awesome. He may have moments of severe anxiety, but as I have said in previous posts, his self esteem is not really an issue here. He picked out his clothes the night before, asked me for the morning routine description, and followed it to a tee. He also asked me this morning to put superman tattoos on both hands...so I obliged him. As you can see, he was ready to go and full of personality! He went to his class with no crying or worries and told me he'd see me at the bus stop this afternoon. Such a big boy!! I'm so proud of this little guy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down in the River...sung by Ben and Collin...with a little Mommy

Just click on the title...you will have to download and run...and you can hear it. We were just goofing off. This is one of their favorite songs for some reason so I just thought I would record them singing it. So sweet...Ben even adds a southern drawl...enjoy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So what did we do this summer???

Well, here it is folks. In a nutshell! I am usually never without our camera. But for some reason I have not been my normal picture taking self, so here is our summer journey through the eyes of our phones.:)
It did not start out so well....I was a super sick girl.  Embarassing, YES! I don't think it could have been an uglier moment...but one must remember the lowness of the lows..and these are the chronicles!
And then there were lots of Dr.'s appointments...with two boys...Finally as things were starting to turn around, we were able to have friends over and start to have some fun.
Our good friends Doug and Rochelle invited our family to go to their lakehouse.
Everyone had a blast!! We enjoyed spending the time with our friends.
 We took Earle to an Astro's game for his Father's Day surprise. As you can see, the kids were super excited....
We went on a road trip to Kentucky to see my family.....
Earle was tired....
But I was feeling SO much better!!
Pause: we also went to lots of VBS's! Three to be exact!! The kids had a blast. 
Play: back in Kentucky we had lots of fun with Papa, Cindy and our cousins who we love very much!
Cindy made an awesome chocolate cake...and got the kids a snoopy snow cone machine.
There were many stories read...

Collin finally became consistent in making poop in the potty!! Yay!!

We got to visit  sweet Ma, but she was unsure of who we were...that's okay we were still glad to see her! Although Collin's potty habits were getting better, poor Ma's were getting worse. My poor dad has been stuck with doing her laundry...including the soiled garments...bless her heart!! And bless his!! She just giggles about it. I hope I'm at the giggling point when I'm the one doing my parents soiled undergarments...
Our sweet friends, Mike and Ginger Moore, let us stay at their lake house. Everyone had a much needed relaxing time and lots of fun!!Ben loved riding the tube...Collin loved being with Papa.Papa got to relax...and to be honest, that is truly an IBC...but I thought it made a funny picture...believe me I'd tell you otherwise!;)
Thanks Mike and Ginger!
On the way home we got a flat tire and Earle and I were stranded in a Walmart in West Memphis on the fourth of July in, as chance would have it, our Canda Flag shirts.Ben soon discovered he had a loose tooth...And then he lost it...it fell out into the floor of our van one day.

We got to see Mops a few times but apparently did not take many pictures. We are so blessed to have her near us!! We always love seeing her.

I got to visit Lorie in Mobile again..and as chance would have it, there was also a COCKroach that we shared the house with...even enjoyed the lovely pizza she baked for me.
We got to have our niece and nephew Christopher and Tiffany come for a weekend visit. The boys loved it and so did we. Earle took the boys to the Nasa Space center to the Star War's exhibit..and Tiffany and I had a shopping girl's day! They are such sweet kiddos!!
We were so excited to hear that our friends the Carlson's were moving to Houston. Here is Ben, Collin and their son Cooper at the Cracker Barrel...such a blessing to have them near us!!
Earle took the boys on lots of guys nights and kept them while I was at Lorie's house. As you can see, he willing took them to Chuck E. Cheese...something mommy never does:).Ben learned his 100 sight words for kindergarten and earned his prize...costume parts...of course.Collin worked on learning his alphabet letters, lower case and capital.
Ben learned  the art of getting Collin to have fun doing things like feeding him popcorn while he enjoyed watching a movie.....very special.

And they were exhausted!! But had so much fun! We had a great summer and it will be sad to see Ben start kindergarten and Collin start preschool...but I'm sure the sad will only be short lived! This mom is ready for some occasional kid free mornings...but I love them to death and am so blessed to have them. I am so grateful for Earle too this summer, he took great care of me! So I guess we are all caught up now! Now to get that camera out!!