Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collin's Big #3!

Well, I have been horrible at blogging lately, but I had to put up Collin's birthday pics!
Beware of many pictures ahead! We did not have anything really special planned. To be honest, Earle and I are still pretty exhausted and finally crashing after all of this transition. My parents came for a visit and we just had a family party. Collin wanted a "bowling" birthday party. I thought that was pretty funny. I am not sure why, the only reason I can think that he wanted this was because of playing bowling on the Wii. The night before, Ben and I decorated a 'birthday party scene' in our dining room after Collin had gone to bed. I just had gone out to the dollar store and bought less than 20 dollars worth of stuff...but for a boy turning three and fantasizing about a birthday party...this was awesome stuff! I'll try to narrate through the pictures.

Waking up to see something special down the stairs.... A fun party set up just for Collin! Yellow is his favorite we had lots of yellow!

He could not even believe his eyes!!

He is three!

My sweet baby boy! Yes those are M&M's in his hand...they are his favorite...and he likes the yellow ones.
Blowing out his candles to his chocolate bowling ball cake...that he requested. Such a funny little guy!


Love this!!

Opening presents!! Thank you Amanda and Ryan!

He loved his bubble gun!
REALLY loved it.

Why not bombard us from the upstairs?

A tiny boy throwing skeeballs is a life threat to anyone within his throwing circumference...although he loved it!

Getting ready to bowl! Oh my...birthday DREAM come true!
Later that week playing in the backyard with Papa and Cindy.

Dad took them to fly a was more entertaining for me watching my dad try to get the kite going...but we had a good time.

Happy Birthday my precious Collin! You are such a blessing to our family! I cannot imagine it without you! I love you so much!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Visit to Kilgore

I love the picture cute!!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. Following my last post, we drove up to Earle's mom's house in Kilgore and spent the weekend with her. The kids had a great time and were able to expend quite a lot of energy!! Earle's mom, his sister Elice and her husband Chad spoiled the boys rotten and let them play until they were about to drop...or at least the adults were about to drop. Chad brought up his little moped for Ben to ride...Ben ended up riding it with Earle and myself, but was thrilled. The boys ran and played and climbed least enough for them both be a little tired back at the apartment the following Monday after the trip. Last week we remained busy..but it was sort of our crash week because we were just exhausted from the weeks before. We are super ready to be out of our apartment! We are on the downhill now...only a week and a half to go. My friend Rochelle has been so sweet and let us come play in her backyard countless times! It is great to be near her again! Also, a girl I had met at Harding, (I was her RA her freshman year..and she also went to TOCC a few years prior to us in Mandeville) Judy McDonough, has just moved here this past weekend with her husband and her three little boys. So it was nice to reconnect with her.
Collin was sick on Sunday, so Ben and I visited Cinco Ranch Church of Christ together. We had a great time and I was encouraged. I met a girl I knew at Harding..and also quite a few other ladies that have played the "corporate Gypsy" roll as well and moved with their small children quite a bit. A few of the have just moved here as well and live in the same I am excited about the prospect of having that in common with some of the ladies I go to church with! We are ready to get into our house and get into a normal routine! I know I have not been on Facebook as much...I have been opting out of computer time and giving myself time for a hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon. Also, it was kind of funny, but while we were watching the Olympic Gold medal hockey game...poor Ben was so confused with who he was supposed to route for! He thought our team was Canada! Well, I guess you Canadians have taught him well! :)