Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost Links....

Hi Everyone...
I was trying to switch templates to update myself into the modern blogger world, and I am pretty sure I lost a few links. I tried to retrieve as many as I could remember, but if yours is not on there, please comment and give me your link address...not your blog name. Thank you so much for helping me out!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Week...and a good husband...

This ended up being a good week for us! The Boys were able to stay, healthy! We spent a lot of time outside. Earle was off on Friday so he and Ben spent the day swimming and playing together. Collin had his 15 month appt. on Thursday morning, and he is doing really well. He is not yet walking on his own, but getting close! He has fallen back from the 20th percentile to the 7th percentile for his weight, he is right at 20 pounds, so we are having to pull him off of whole milk for awhile and do either toddler formula or pediasure. Earle and I were able to get a sitter on go for a night out for dinner with some friends, Kimberly and Joe, that we know through Earle's work. Then this morning, Earle got up with the boys..and I got to sleep until 8:00!! He had made a fresh pot of coffee and we were able to relax our way into this Saturday, and I was able to go work out without the kiddos for once!! So that was really nice! What a good husband!! Thanks honey!! Also, this week, I noticed that one of our banana trees is actually bearing fruit! This is amazing considering we don't do much to nurture the tree...but it was exciting to see the bananas coming up! You can see where the green starts on the tree...we cut it down all the way to that point in March, and the entire tree top has grown back since then...I have never seen anything grow so fast. The day we cut it, we left and went to Target for about an hour and when we came home there was already a stalk coming out of the top of where we had cut it down. Anyway!!
On a not so happy note, we just found out on Thurs. evening that Earle's mom, Brenda Brown a.k.a. Mops, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We are feeling optimistic and hoping for a full recovery. She will be having surgery on the 28th of July, so until then we will be waiting to see what stage, etc. We would greatly appreciate it if you kept Earle's mother and family in your prayers! My sister and I and some of my church friends here were already planning to do Race for the Cure here in NOLA on Oct. 19th, so this just makes it even more important...we may even take the boys in their stroller for Mops! Anyone wanting to join us please feel free!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Battles of the Super Heros!

I have had some Blogger's Block must have been I needed a little break! I thought I would write about our crazy house full of Super Heros. If you have been around our family at all this summer, you will know that Ben is completely obsessed with Super Heros. It started out with Superman this past spring and then he became exceedingly obsessed with The Incredible Hulk...and now he has added to the mix, Batman, Flash and of all things...Wonder Woman!(They came in a package of Diving sticks) Not only does he dress as Superman in his P.J.'s and the Incredible Hulk in his Underroo's...but he acts them out and if he has the outfits on he uses their personalities as excuses...examples are:

Me: Ben put on the shirt with your Shorts....
Ben: No, mommy, The Hulk doesn't wear shirts..

Me: Ben, it is time for a nap!
Ben: Don't make me won't like it when I get angry! (if you don't know, this is what the Hulk says)

Me: Ben, please go use the potty, before you put on you swimming trunks...
Ben: No mommy, Superman doesn't Pee!

Earle: (when crossing the street) Ben, hold my hand!
Ben: No, daddy, the Hulk doesn't hold hands....

As you can see, superheros don't have to do many things that humans have to do.

Here are some pictures of a couple of Ben's superheros, which he took himself when I did not know he had the camera...

Then yesterday, I walked into the playroom and Ben was crying because ...(this was his explanation) "Superman with the long cape was trying to save Lois Lane from falling off of the flying helicopter.."

Here is the picture of what I saw...

Then, I walked into the kitchen and this is what I saw,

Ben had told me that Superman with the short cape had accidentally fallen because he flew too hard and his head popped as you can see, yesterday, was a tragic day for the Superman at our house! Luckily, they were both fixed and are now as good as new!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Great Time in Hilton Head!

We had a great time this past 4th of July in Hilton Head with our friends, Robert and Betsy Coggin, and Andrea Wilhite. We spent lots of time at the pool, walked on the beach and played pirates!! The boys had so much fun! Thank you Robert and Betsy for a wonderful time! We really enjoyed visiting with you!! Please keep Robert and Betsy in your prayers, they are in the process of adopting a little boy from South Central Siberia...they got the call on the way to Hilton Head, so we are hoping that everything works out for them and they have their little red-headed, 18 month old boy soon!!