Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Collin, 10 months old!

I decided that we needed a post about Collin! Ben always gets the spotlight around here and poor Collin is always left as an afterthought! Collin is now 10 months old. He can get just about anywhere on the floor by scooting in an army crawl, and rolling to whatever he is trying to get to. He is a happy little boy. He has four teeth, and he can eat a lot of table food. He is starting to try and talk. He can say Da Da, Mama, and Ba ba... He can also wave bye bye. He loves Cheerios and Crackers! He loves playing with toys, especially any toys that Ben likes to play with. As soon as Ben put something down, Collin is after it. He often tries to take the toys right out of Ben's hand! Ben is actually very patient with him and usually lets him have things. He is a great big brother. He especially love remote controls and phones. He rarely cries, unless he is hungry or very sleepy. He is a very curious and precious baby boy! Over the past couple of months, he has grown an abundance of blonde hair that seemed to sprout over night. He has been such a blessing to us over the past year. More pics to computer is locking up on me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visiting Family and Friends

Earle with his nieces Summer and Tiffany, and his nephew, Christopher

Christopher and his new toy!

Tiffany and Collin, she was a great help babysitting!

Pops(Earle's Dad) holding Collin

This month we have been to Texas twice. We went around New Year's to see Earle's family in
Kilgore and in Ft. Worth, and then we went to Houston a couple of weeks ago to visit Rochelle and Doug Waddill. Here are some pics from the trips. We had a great time catching up with everyone.

Me and Rochelle

Hi Amy Lary( We got to visit with them on Sunday at First Colony)

Here is a pic of all of our kiddos,

Briley, Braden, Blake, Ben and Collin

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Go on a Diet or Not to Go on a Diet!!

Earle and I have been have resolved to try and shed a few gained and unwanted pounds from the past couple of months. I thought it would be funny to share with you some of the signs that led me to finally stepping back on the scale and facing reality!! Maybe some of you can relate! It is just my idea of trying to be clever in an unfortunate circumstance! After a week of being really hungry, we have both had a successful week of losing, but still have a ways to go!

Top 10 Signs that You may have Gained a few too many pounds over the holidays!~!

10. You have to take mulitple pics with your digital camera to get just the "right angle" to not have a double chin. ( yes, the above picture is a prime example)

9. For some reason, your lower rise jeans seem to keep falling down because they have ultimately become, "under the belly jeans" like you wore when you were pregnant.

8. When you have to wear the same pair of pants to church every Sunday, alternating tops, because nothing else fits.

7. You find your self wearing your stretchy exercise pants every day.

6. You decide you look great in the velour warm-up suits!

5. When the waistband on your excercise pants or velour warm up suit begins to fold over when you bend down, and then stays that way all day, because your belly is pushing it over.

4. When you sit next to your husband, and all of a sudden his thighs seem so much smaller than yours!

3. When you are obsessively paranoid about someone drying a pair of your jeans or pants, especially on high!

2. When you put on jeans and have to do squats and lunges, so they will feel a little less tight.

1. This is the one that always does me in.....When you finally realize that your underwear are getting tight and even your big panties seem somewhat small and no, they are not shrinking in the dryer!!!



Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Eight Things about Ben Brown

Here is a picture of Ben with a mouth full of Chocolate Honey Comb cereal...yes I know, I am sure he needs the sugary cereal for energy!! Ha!It was Christmas morning!
Ben was tagged for the first time to come up with eight things about himself. So I let him dictate. Collin was too, but I figured Ben's would be more interesting...thanks Jeni.

1. I like to ride my bike.

2. Today I fell off of my bike into the ditch, and I got all was a good bath (Luckily he had his helmet on.)

3. I like to eat snacks at school.

4. I like to play with friends.

5. I like hamburgers with no meat.

6. My favorite breakfast is cereal and pancakes and bacon.

7. Right now, I really like watching Star Wars.

8. I also really like ice cream

Thank you very much,

from Ben Brown, dictated by his mommy.

We tag Braden G. and Braden Waddill, we tag Sophie H., Elan Segadi, Caeden Haustein, Hannah Youngs and whoever else would like to participate.
Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year.