Monday, August 22, 2011

Ben's First Day of First Grade

Love these pictures. We are lucky that Ben is missing his two front top teeth for these photos:). I love it. He is about to lose the two on either side too, so it makes for a great memory. Got the idea for the Age/Info photo from, Wish I could take the credit but I cannot. I found it from browsing pinterest. Ben was quite excited about today. Collin was quite sad that his brother was going without him. Bless them. What fun they are! Thank you Mama Cindy for their fun new backpacks and gear!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Fun...from my perspective;)....

We stayed in Houston for most of the summer this year. It was good! We enjoyed lots of stay cation time. We did make a trip to Kentucky to see my family and one to Kilgore to see Earle's mom around Memorial day. I'm so behind on all of our postings that I think I'll just go ahead and post all the different pictures that I took with my phone. Be prepared this will be a marathon of pictures ahead. I just also posted a few of the pictures that the boys have taken on their camera this summer. Be sure to click onto "Ben's Musings" and "Collin's Candor" pages to see what has been going on from their perspectives.