Collin's Candor

 August 8, 2011
These are some photos I downloaded off of Collin's camera. Funny. So interesting to see what goes on the he eye of this little 4 yr. old. :) I have spared you all of the boys videos that they have taken of each other...maybe another time. Very special indeed. ~CB



Today I asked Collin to tell me what he liked and what he did not like. Here are his answers:

I don't like to be boring.
I do not like you spanking me.
I don't like breaking stuff.
I don't like you making me do long stuff.
Maybe that's all I want to do for now, because these are alot of things to write.
Well, I like having pizza. And I like having chicken nuggets from McDonald's.
I like cookies and maybe that's all for now because this is a lot of work.
I like having friends over and I like pancakes. That's all.