Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Another Week....

Sorry the posts have not been coming as quickly lately. It seems like we stay pretty busy around here. I also apologize for losing everyone's weblinks....I will try to get them back up soon, when we change our template, I have not figured out how to save our if any of you have any good advice on that, please share!! The boys are growing up so quickly. Today, Ben started singing to me a song that he learned at school, I am guessing for an end of the year program, but it was about how he was moving up, into Pre-K... and he would be writing his letters next year, and it made me really sad! Also, at church on Sunday, Earle handed Ben a dollar bill to put into the offering and Ben opened it up and said, "look mommy, it is George Washington!" My immediate thought was, wow, that preschool is really doing its job!! I thought that was pretty good for 3 years old...then Earle took it to the next level and asked who was on the one with the 5, and Ben just looked up confused! Boy has time flown! We have been able to spend some time outside taking walks. Collin is actually big enough to ride in the Wagon with Ben this year!! I had to put the picture of Collin, sucking his tongue in here, because I think it is so cute. He pulls on any shirt he has on and starts sucking his tongue when he is tired....this is his first, soothing thing he has ever done...he is a strange one, never taken a pacifier or needed a blanket, you just put him in the crib and he goes to never the less, I had to post about this.
Earle and I have just been going through the motions! Our favorite pass-time at the moment, other than the few shows we record each week, is after we put the boys to bed, we rock out to Guitar Hero on our Wii! I know this sounds so silly, but it is actually really fun...and a bit addictive! If any of you have this and also have wireless internet...we have been know to battle our friends online!! Pretty sad, but when you don't live near family, and you don't often have a is like hanging out with another couple! Hope you are all doing well!! More posts coming soon!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Girls' Weekend in Memphis

Me and Becky Me and Sharifa

Vicky, Jenny and Michelle, in a very stinky bathroom!! Jenny, Me and Lorie, doing Charlie's Angels crazy hair pose on top of the Peabody.

All of Us, Sharifa, Angela, Me, Michelle, Becky, Jenny, Lorie, Jana and Vicky

This past weekend, Lorie and I made a trip to Memphis to meet 7 of my friends from Illinois. We had a great couple of days. We spent two nights, shopped, ate, and just visited and spent some time catching up...the best part...completely kid free!! We had so much fun!!

Earle was great to watch the boys for me...I have to really give him credit, I came home and things were straightened up and laundry was put away. He was so sweet, although I am sure he enjoyed hours of playing Guitar Hero after the boys were down at night! Thank you Earle!!! I love you! You are a Hunka Hunka Burning Love!!
Thank you girls!! I miss you guys! We have to go somewhere every year!! And thanks, Lorie for coming with me, it would not have been the same without you!!

Papa and Cindy come to visit The Big Easy!

My parents came to visit us last week. We had a great time, since it was Mardi Gras, Earle had some time off and we got to have a relaxing time visiting. The boys loved it. They were spoiled and lavished upon. I know they were sad to see them go on Friday. My dad took Ben fishing for the first time ever. He actually caught some fish...two bass and a catfish, so he was extremely proud of his accomplishments! Collin also finally really started crawling the army crawl while they were here, and of course, he rarely spent a minute not being held by one of them. Thanks for coming to see us!! We loved it!!