Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow in Louisiania and updates

Yeah! My blogger finally published some pictures!! I have been having trouble with it, which is why you have not seen many lately! I know most of you probably saw these on my facebook, but here are some of the boys on Thursday when it snowed here. We are gearing up for a busy week next week. Our movers will be here on Wednesday morning to pack us. Wednesday is also Ben's preschool Christmas program in the it will be a little crazy. The movers will plan to pack Wednesday and load on Thursday morning. Depending on when they get finished will determine if we drive to Paducah on Thursday afternoon/evening, or Friday morning. We are still running around getting shot records for dogs and kids and things fixed on our cars, and driving records and all kinds of crazy stuff that you would never think you would need for a move. Cancelling our currents services at our house, etc. We found out less than a day after my last post, that for some reason, we had assumed that our cars were going to be shipped to Calgary, but Shell does not pay for that. We have decided to drive our mini-van and leave/sell our car here in the states. So we are also planning for the 4 to 5 day drive from my parents...with a few stops along the way! Along with that goes some issues on where we can actually cross the border and immigration in the easiest possible manner. Apparently it is more of an issue than we thought when you are moving into Canada as an X-Pat. We are planning to move to a Hotel on Tuesday night, so that I can get the towels and sheets washed and ready for when the packers get here. And also so that Collin is not running under all of their feet! So, if you need to get a hold of us you can facebook us, or call our cell phones, or e-mail. Not to mention saying goodbye to our dear friends here. Too much to think about piled into one week! I think by the time we get to may parents we will be pretty fatigued physically and emotionally drained!! Thank goodness for time to relax during Christmas week!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! I will try to post updates as I can.