Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh What a Week!!

So today we have been here in Houston for a week. Some of you may think that I temporarily fell off of the face of the earth. We have been busy every day until late at night. I must say even my facebooking has suffered tremendously! When we got here on Wednesday night to our little two bedroom apartment on the third floor, we were so glad to finally be where we were going, but we had many loose ends to tie up. I had been a little sick while in Calgary, but something happened on our flight and I ended up extremely sick. I had to go to a walk-in clinic the next morning to get some medication and breathing treatments. Earle and I were trying to set up just normal things here in the U.S. We had to get money transferred to our U.S. accounts and just random things...amid our exhaustion and sickness. Friday morning we started looking for houses with our friend and realtor, Butch Watterson. We quickly narrowed down the area that we wanted to live in and from that point on looked at many houses for the next 3 days. I am pretty sure we looked all day Friday, half day on Saturday and then again on Sunday afternoon after church. Sunday we found a house that we decided would work great for us. We made an offer and signed the contract on Monday that was lucky. Not to mention that we did get to have a few meals with some old friends who we were happy to get to be reunited with! Also on Friday night we got our dogs safely delivered to our apt. from Calgary. So anyway, I know it sounds like I am going all over the place here..but Tuesday night we decided to just sit at home and do nothing except watch LOST which was great! Wednesday night we had to go find a vehicle for Earle, and so we spend the better part of the night finding and taking care of that. He decided on a used Toyota Rav 4...and is pretty excited about it. Tonight we had been waiting to go to one of our all-time favorite restaurants...Lupe we took the boys and experienced the best fajitas ever made. Ohhhh how I have longed for those since we have been away from this place! This weekend Earle is off tomorrow, so we are going to drive to Kilgore and spend it with Earle's mom and let the boys run wild and be spoiled..while maybe we will sneak off for a nap or two:) We close on our house on the 9th of we are eagerly awaiting this last step of starting to get settled into our routine. I do have a picture that I took of the front of the house...but it was not yet listed and I will have to take better ones another time. Hope everyone is doing well. We are still caught in between a bit...but we are starting to catch our breath. Maybe next week I can read all of your posts that I missed this week! Thank you for all of your help and your prayers for our smooth transition! We hope to see many of you come to visit as we get settled!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Goodbye Calgary! You have left and imprint on our hearts and will never be far from our minds!! We love you and will miss you very much!! We hope to keep in touch with you all and are so glad to have picked up some amazing friends along the way. Thank you for everything.

Now, we must move on to the next phase!!

If you are not a Texan, you are probably not familiar with this phrase:
GTT...I have wikipedia'd it for you!!

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See you on the other side!!